Invicta Marine Ltd.

Welcome to Invicta Marine Ltd.



Mission Statement

Invicta Marine Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to allow our clients to comply fully with all legal and customer based requirements while remaining competitive in the marine industry.

Product/Service Overview

Invicta Marine offers support to clients in the development and implementation of Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems. We also carry out first, second and third party assessments, surveys, and inspections on behalf of clients. Training and familiarization, (STCW 95), research and impact analysis with respect to new regulatory requirements, and project overview and/or management are also offered. Invicta Marine also develops and hosts custom software systems for managing and monitoring SMS activities.


Rely on Invicta Marine to manage your compliance projects. Our professionals will provide you with peace of mind as they analyse your requirements and develop cost effective solutions. Save time and money while leaving your operational staff free to run your business. Benefit from our proven expertise and common sense approach.


Invicta Marine will provide custom solutions to your needs. We are able to offer initial assessment and gap analysis, project planning, or complete system development. Whatever your company's needs Invicta Marine can provide the direction and support to ensure your company's success. Our methods are proven, cost effective, and efficient. Our solutions are practical and relevant while minimizing the administrative burden.


Avoid implementing a system that creates unnecessary paperwork. Demand a system which is practical, one that works for you.

Call Invicta Marine Ltd. for all your Quality, Safety and Environmental management requirements. Our professionals will guide you through the maze of regulatory compliance, translate "ISOspeak" into plain English, and develop solutions tailored to your operation.