Invicta Marine Ltd. is pleased to offer the following services:


  • Development and implementation of the SMS.
  • Training and familiarization for company employees.
  • Training for Designated Persons and internal auditors.
  • Conducting 2nd and 3rd party audits.
  • Periodic review and updating of the SMS.
  • Inspections.
  • Audit and approval of 3rd party contractors and suppliers.
  • Casualty investigation.
  • System maintenance.



Development and implementation of a SMS will vary from company to company and according to the number of vessels and existing documented policies and procedures. Any engagement begins with a formal assessment and gap analysis leading to development of an action plan. The action plan may be implemented by the client or by Invicta Marine Ltd. If it is implemented by Invicta Marine Ltd. further assistance is provided through to certification with success guaranteed (assuming full cooperation from the client).


Training and familiarization is required to guide employees in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the SMS and is usually incorporated with the development and implementation. For those companies who choose to develop their systems without assistance training may be provided on a per diem or per candidate fee basis.


Training for DP/internal auditors is a three day course which is proprietary to Invicta Marine Ltd. The course can be scheduled to include candidates from more than one company.


2nd and 3rd party audits. Each operator is required to undergo both internal and 3rd party audits of their offices annually and each vessel must undergo a minimum of one internal audit annually and a 3rd party audit every 30 months. Conduct of 2nd and 3rd party audits is carried out on either a contract basis or a per diem fee. 2nd party audits are carried out on behalf of the client as required by the SMS and may involve assistance with implementing corrective actions. 3rd party audits are carried out on behalf of Transport Canada, at the cost of the client, and the findings are shared with Transport Canada.


Periodic review and updating of the SMS. Unless otherwise contracted for, assistance with periodic review and amendments to the SMS are billed on a per diem basis.


Inspections are based on an hourly rate plus travel time and expenses. Inspections may be contracted on an annual, quadrennial, or on a one time basis.


Audit and approval of 3rd party contractors and suppliers. Companies may need to verify that 3rd party contractors are suitably qualified particularly where they rely on inspections and work carried out by such companies to satisfy their self inspection records. Many companies may wish to pre-approve or review a list of potential contractors. Audits of 3rd party contractors will be billed at an hourly rate plus travel time and expenses.


Casualty investigation. Companies will need to investigate major incidents and provide reports to various agencies. The reports must include identification of root causes, preventative and corrective actions, and recommendations. Investigations will be billed at an hourly rate plus travel time and expenses.

System Maintenance. A SMS requires ongoing maintenance, review and updating. While it is imperative that companies take ownership of their SMS and are involved with the systems on a day to day basis, the ongoing maintenance and review can be costly, onerous, and time consuming. Many smaller companies do not have the resources "in house" to effectively and efficiently maintain their systems. They prefer to concentrate on their core business and leave the administrative tasks to others. Outsource the maintenance and administration of your system to Invicta Marine Ltd. and be confident that all the required tasks are completed effectively, efficiently, and on time.

We can assist you with either all or any combination of the following as part of an ongoing maintenance contract:


  • Supervision and control of the system documentation including periodic review, amendments and distribution
  • Planning, supervision and conduct of internal audits
  • Planning and facilitation of external audits
  • Monitoring of the scheduled corrective and preventive actions
  • Periodic review and updating of risk assessments
  • Incident tracking, analysis and monitoring of corrective and preventive actions
  • Annual evaluation of the audit results and coordination and facilitation of the senior management reviews

Furthermore, the experts of the Invicta Marine Team are available for ongoing consultations regarding the system.

All of these services are offered at a fixed price tailored to the individual company requirements.


The benefits provided by these services include:

·Savings in time and real costs for SMS development and implementation.

·Proven, practical system

·Minimal documentary burden

·Guaranteed success in certification audits.

·Access to industry expertise without employing full time experts.


For further information, please contact us for a free consultation.